Daily Incidents

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Daily Incidents - Results List
DateTimeAddressCall TypeIncident NumberAgency
12/5/2023 7:19:41 AMOLIO RD / SILVERSTONE DRTraffic Stop2023-00053027Fishers Police
12/5/2023 7:16:08 AM00 BLK MUNICIPAL DRP Miscellaneous2023-00053026Fishers Police
12/5/2023 7:13:29 AM00 BLK CIVIC SQF Alarm Comm/Business2023-00008757Carmel Fire
12/5/2023 7:01:38 AM18600 BLK PRAIRIE CROSSING DRM Cardiac Arrest/Death2023-00007704Noblesville Fire
12/5/2023 7:01:38 AM18600 BLK PRAIRIE CROSSING DRM Cardiac Arrest/Death2023-00038473Noblesville Police
12/5/2023 7:00:27 AMLIBERTY BLVD / ALEXANDRIA DRP Acc PD2023-00055688Westfield Police
12/5/2023 6:57:53 AMN 11TH ST / CONNER STP Acc PD2023-00038472Noblesville Police
12/5/2023 6:47:47 AM13500 BLK ERLEN DRP Suspicious Person2023-00053025Fishers Police
12/5/2023 6:46:40 AME 96TH ST / ALLISONVILLE RDTraffic Stop2023-00053024Fishers Police
12/5/2023 6:32:50 AMBROOKS SCHOOL RD / HAMBLE BLVDTraffic Stop2023-00053023Fishers Police
12/5/2023 6:25:20 AME SR 32 / US 31 RAMPTraffic Stop2023-00055687Westfield Police
12/5/2023 6:19:08 AM1800 BLK E 151ST STP Foot Patrol2023-00055686Westfield Police
12/5/2023 6:16:10 AM900 BLK S WHITE AVETraffic Stop2023-00004482Sheridan Police
12/5/2023 6:05:59 AM23900 BLK SR 37P Acc PD2023-00027281County Sheriff
12/5/2023 6:04:43 AM2700 BLK E 171ST STP Foot Patrol2023-00055681Westfield Police
12/5/2023 5:57:50 AM11900 BLK BUCK CREEK CIRM Heart Problems2023-00007703Noblesville Fire
12/5/2023 5:57:41 AM13400 BLK RAVENSWOOD TRLM Breathing Problems2023-00007447Fishers Fire
12/5/2023 5:52:25 AM12800 BLK OLD MERIDIAN STP Verbal Disturbance2023-00082643Carmel Police
12/5/2023 5:35:18 AM30 I 465P Acc PD2023-00082642Carmel Police
12/5/2023 5:21:21 AM18100 BLK CUMBERLAND RDP Transport2023-00027280County Sheriff
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